movie based on manga

16 Films Based on Popular Manga Series Hitting Japanese Cinemas in 2014

Manga fans have bounty to anticipate in 2014 with 16 live-activity films adjusted from very much cherished and well known manga arrangement being discharged one year from now. From activity funnies about police robots to sentimental anecdotes about high schoolers who bond over body hair evacuation, there is something for everybody in these forthcoming manga-based movies. Also, since some in the scholastic world are starting to see the positive side of Japanese funnies, you have one more motivation to get your non-manga-adoring companions snared through the intensity of the cinema.


movie based on manga


Hot Road

Discharge date: Summer 2014


Distributed in the mid-1980s, Taku Tsumugi’s manga arrangement is about Kazuki Miyaichi, a young lady who feels disliked by her mom and starts to fall for a bike posse part, Hiroshi Haruyama. Takahiro Miki will coordinate the real life film adaption, which will star Rena Nonen as Kazuki and Sandaime J Soul Brothers artist Hiromi Tosaka as Hiroshi.



Discharge date: Spring 2014


In the sentiment themed manga arrangement by Ayu Watanabe, two high schoolers start to share a condo after a kitchen fire, bringing about the two battling with both their affections for one other and keeping the dwelling together a mystery. Ayame Goriki will star as the 16-year-old Aoi Nishimori who moves into the condo of classmate and neighborhood hearththrob Shusei Kugayama, to be played by Kento Yamazaki.


State “I cherish you.”

Discharge date: 2014


First distributed in 2008, this sentimental manga was adjusted into an anime that circulated on Japanese TV in late 2012. The manga centers around 16-year-old Mei Tachibana who experiences difficulty making companions, considerably less gathering young men. After unintentionally harming a prominent schoolmate Yamato Kurosawa, the two start a fellowship and in the long run a sentimental relationship, opening the timid young lady up to the world. Not very numerous subtleties have been discharged about the film, other than that it will open in Japanese films some time one year from now.


Silver Spoon

Discharge date: March 7, 2014


Composed by Hiromu Arakawa, this manga arrangement is about existence at an agrarian secondary school in Hokkaido. Kento Nakajima from J-pop gathering Sexy Zone will play the principle character Yugo Hachiken who selected at the school, thinking life there would be less demanding than the one his strict dad needs from him. Japanese TV character Alice Hirose will play Yugo’s colleague and love intrigue Aki Mikage.


Lupin The Third

Discharge date: Summer 2014


Revolving around the ace cheat Arsène Lupin III, the inconceivably prevalent manga arrangement was first distributed in 1967 for a long time. It generated a few enlivened movies during the 1970s and ’80s, including Studio Ghibili’s “The Castle of Cagliostro” in 1979. This will be the second time the manga arrangement has been adjusted into a no frills film. This motion picture will concentrate on how the fundamental characters met. Evade Oguri will play the outstanding French cheat and supposedly lost around 8 kg amid ten months of preparing for the film. Meisa Kuroki will play the perfectly tricky robber Fujiko Mine.


As the Death God Dictates

Discharge date: Autumn 2014


The frightfulness manga arrangement “As the Death God Dictates” was first distributed in 2011 and recounts the narrative of secondary school understudy Shun Takahata and his cohorts who play fierce and awful amusements to keep away from death. Veteran Japanese blood and guts movie chief Takashi Miike, whose credits incorporate the rough and notorious “Tryout” and “Ichi the Killer,” has been accused of the no frills adaption. Sota Fukushi will play the fundamental character while Hirona Yamazaki will star as Shun’s companion Ichika Akimoto.


Mole’s Song

Discharge date: February 15, 2014


Takashi Miike is likewise coordinating the cutting edge adaption of Noboru Takahashi’s manga arrangement “Mole’s Song,” about a cop that goes covert to examine a famous pack. Toma Ikuta will star as the blonde cop, Reiji Kikukawa, who penetrates the decrepit black market of the criminal syndicate.


Tokyo Tribe

Discharge date: 2014


The executive of “Suicide Club,” Shion Sono, will take up the manga arrangement “Tokyo Tribe 2” which includes a not so distant future Tokyo that is overwhelmed by road pack turf wars. Distributed somewhere in the range of 1997 and 2005, the arrangement was composed by Santa Inoue and has delivered one energized adaption in 2006. The film will be classified “Tokyo Tribe” and star Ryohei Suzuki as the Wu-Ronz posse pioneer Mera and rapper Young Dais will play Kai, the pioneer of the opponent Musashino Saru pack.



Discharge date: December 2014, the second part is booked for 2015


The science fiction manga arrangement “Parasyte” happens in our current reality where parasitic outsiders have assumed control over the world by embedding themselves into their human hosts. The principle character, Shinichi Izumi, has had his correct hand assumed control by Migi (Japanese for “right”) and the odd pair battles to endure the new reality. Parasyte has been distributed since 1990 and more than 100 million duplicates have been sold. The Hollywood-created film will be part up into two sections, with the last film being discharged in 2015. “The Grudge” executive Takashi Shimizu will coordinate the film and Shota Sometani will star at Shinichi.


Sweet Poolside

Discharge date: 2014


The “Sweet Poolside” manga arrangement, first distributed in 2004 and afterward again in 2011, is around two high schoolers, the bald Toshihiko Ota and his bristly swim club partner Ayako Goto, who structure a mystery relationship. Kenta Suga will play Toshihiko, who helps in shaving the abnormally charming Ayako, to be played by Yuiko Kariya.


Dark Butler

Discharge date: January 18, 2014


The manga arrangement “Dark Butler” pursues Ciel Phantomhive, the youthful leader of a respectable family in Victorian-period Europe, and his wicked steward Sebastien Michaelis who is helping the kid to retaliate for his family’s demise in return for his spirit. Intended to be a continuation of the arrangement, a few characters and the setting has been changed for the real life film, for example, another primary character Shiori Genpo, played by Ayame Goriki, a young lady who masks herself as a man. What’s more, rather than occurring in Europe, the motion picture’s setting will be an anonymous Asian city in 2020. The swoon-commendable wannabe Sebastian will be played by Hiro Mizushima.


The Next Generation – Patlabor

Discharge date: April 2014 (shorts), 2015 (include film)


“Versatile Police Patlabor” is a manga arrangement that is set in a not so distant future Tokyo where enormous robots, called “Works,” help out the city in substantial development and the metropolitan police have its own armada called “Watch Laborers” to help battle wrongdoing. The cutting edge “The Next Generation – Patlabor” has 12 scenes and will be screened at unique film showings beginning next April. A 100-minute-long film will at that point be discharged in 2015. The film is a spin-off of the well known manga and happens when Labors are not utilized as regularly as in the manga arrangement. Previous icon Erina Mano is featuring as pilot Akira Izumino.


Sutegakita hitobito

Discharge date: Summer 2014


George Akiyama’s manga about the broke and sad Yusuke Mamiana kept running in Big Gold magazine from 1996 to 1999. Nao Omori will star as Yusuke in the real to life film. Hitomi Miwa will play Kyoko Okabe, the main individual Yusuke appears to coexist with.


Thermae Romae

Discharge date: April 26, 2014


The continuation of the 2012 real to life film “Thermae Romae” is set to open next April and will by and by pursue the experiences of the antiquated Roman Lucius who goes into the future to a Japanese bathhouse and attempts to bring back the cutting edge advancements of Japan back to Rome. Hiroshi Abe will star by and by as Lucius and Aya Ueto will again fill the role of trying manga craftsman Mami Yamakoshi, who pulverizes on the hunky Lucius. Some portion of the taping is occurring at a reproduced amphitheater in Bulgaria.


Ruroni Kenshi: The Great Kyoto Fire Arc, The Last of a Legend Arc

Discharge date: Summer 2014


This two-section continuation is a follow-up to the 2012 cutting edge “Ruroni Kenshin” film dependent on the authentic activity manga arrangement of a similar name about a meandering samurai in Meiji Era Japan. The famous arrangement kept running for a long time in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and had an energized TV arrangement during the 1990s. Takeru Sato will repeat his job as the previous professional killer Kenshin Himura who meanders an anecdotal rendition of Meiji Era Japan to make up for the homicides he submitted in his previous calling. The two movies will be founded on the Kyoto curve from Nobuhiro Watsuki’s manga and will both be discharged next summer.


Crows Explode

Discharge date: April 12, 2014


Hiroshi Takahashi’s manga arrangement about a gathering of secondary school delinquents is getting a third cutting edge motion picture one year from now with “Crows Explode.” The new film will happen at the infamous Suzuran High School only one month after the occasions of the 2009 motion picture “Crows Zero II.” Masahiro Higashide stars as the fundamental character Kaburagi, a student from another school to the boisterous school while Yuya Yagira will play a third-year understudy at the highest point of the school’s social request.

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