American Manga and Japanese Manga

The Main Differences Between American Manga and Japanese Manga

Most people may think that when they hear the word comics is the same, no matter where it comes from, all the comics are the same. This is NOT the case, because although both American Manga and Japanese Manga are the same in the sense that both tell a story in the form of a paperback, the actual designs are completely different. One of the key differences in this two manga is how everything is exaggerated in the Japanese version, for example, in some manga the eyes look very large and show an effect of stone almost gem, while in the American manga everything is more realistic.

Another key difference is that most Japanese manga is printed in black and white and has several hundred pages per book, while the American manga is colored and has about 32 pages per book. There is also the size of the books that present the two types of manga that differ in size. A manga from Japan will be much smaller than the American manga book. For this reason, Japan’s manga is also cheaper than the American manga, as they use black and white ink and smaller pages, which means they can be sold at a lower cost and still make a profit.

The American manga also has unique selling points against Japanese manga, such as being in color and being in a bigger book. The main benefit of this is that the American version does not have dozens of pages, so it is detailed and does not stop too much in one scene, while the Japanese manga has hundreds of pages, so it has many very similar scenes, It turns out that the Japanese manga is reading fast and there is not much to cover on some pages, while the American is going at a much slower pace with many details on each page that require the reader to take their time while reading.

In my opinion, the main key difference between the two manga is not so much what they include, but in fact, it is the way they are seen and stereotyped by society. The American manga has been stereotyped for a long time as a childish thing for children and teenagers to stop and use their time, while for Japanese manga there is a genre and type for everyone, so it looks like the Japanese manga It is for everyone and not only for a specific age group.

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